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At Highland Park Christian Academy, we have a rich history of providing quality education to children for 40 years. Our school was founded on the belief that Christian families should have a place to send their children to be educated and nurtured in the Christian faith. Over the years, we have continued to uphold this belief and provide our students with a warm, nurturing, supportive, and loving environment that prepares them for the future as Ambassadors of Christ.


Highland Park Christian Academy provides a unique individualistic approach to learning and instruction that allows each student to achieve success proportionate to their ability and effort. HPCA helps students develop independence as well as cultivate gifts, talents, interest and life skills. Our greatest goal is to develop Ambassadors for Christ, who will allow their convictions to determine their behavior and actions.


Mission & Vision 


Our mission is to promote Christian principles to develop Ambassadors for Christ who are READY, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE. We desire to be a bridge that links the secure, familiar world of home with the challenging school experience. We endeavor to provide a warm Christian environment where children can continue to grow and develop.


At Highland Park Christian Academy, we strive to provide an environment where every student can grow in their faith and reach their highest potential. Our school aspires to partner with parents to create an atmosphere where students can better develop a relationship with God and understand their identity in Christ. Our team of Christian educators equips students to grow their God-given talents through engaging instruction and creative activities to become the Ambassadors God is calling for in their community and worldwide.

  • Christ is the center of All

  • Children are the most important people in the Academy

  • High expectations and accountability are key elements of student achievement

  • A positive school climate must exist

  • Effective communication is critical to student success

  • Parents and the community are partners in teaching and learning

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